Client Configurations

General Syntax Guidelines

This collection of commands configures settings related to client transfers, which are transfers you initiate with ascp on the command line or the GUI of your product.

The syntax for setting client parameters is the following:

# asconfigurator -x "set_client_data;parameter,value"
Note: Not all available parameters are listed below, only the most commonly used. To view a complete list, run the following command:
# /opt/aspera/bin/asuserdata -+

Parameters and Values

The encryption cipher to use for transfers.
Values: aes-128 (default), aes-192, aes-256, none
The list of SSL encryption ciphers that the server will allow. Each cipher is separated by a colon (:). See the server documentation for the default list of ciphers.
Values: (Colon-delimited list)
The minimum allowed SSL protocol. Higher security protocols are always allowed.
Values: tlsv1 (default), tlsv1.1, tlsv1.2
The path to the default SSH key that should be used in command line transfers.
Values: (Absolute path)