Enabling SoftLayer Storage Using the Command Line

Aspera On Demand can use SoftLayer storage for a node transfer user by specifying the storage in the user docroot. Use this user to transfer files to and from your SoftLayer storage.
When transferring files larger than 64 MB to SoftLayer storage, an .aspera-segment directory is created at the destination. Do not move this directory or modify any files in it. Doing so may cause corruption or loss of data.
  1. Connect to your server through SSH, elevate to the root user, and set the SoftLayer object storage docroot using the asconfigurator tool.
    # ssh -i identity_file -p 33001 ec2-user@ec2_host_ip
    # sudo su -
    # asconfigurator -x "set_user_data;user_name,root;absolute,swift://username:api_key@ObjectStorageURI/bucket_name?aspera.swift.endpoint.auth-path=%2Fauth%2Fv1.0"
  2. Restart the Aspera NodeD service.
    # service asperanoded restart
  3. Test your configuration. Perform a test transfer using an Aspera client to the account configured with the SoftLayer object storage docroot. For information on starting a transfer, see Ascp Transfers to Cloud Storage.