Creating a Watch Folder

Important: If you upgraded from Enterprise Server 3.6.1, Connect Server 3.6.1, Point-to-Point 3.6.1, or Desktop Client 3.6.1, and you had the asperawatchd and asperawatchfolderd services enabled and configured, you may have to make manually migrate your services depending on the user is running the services. For further details, see Migrating Watch Services on Upgrade.

A watch folder is an automation of file transfers from a source to a destination system. Files placed into a source folder are automatically transferred to the destination. It runs on the client side only and the recipient Aspera server endpoint does not need additional software components to support receiving data. The instructions below uses curl commands to create watch folders.

Process Overview:
  1. Make sure the asperarund service is running.
    Although asperarund starts automatically upon install, make sure the service is running, as watchfolder uses the service to start the asperawatchd and asperawatchfolderd watch services.
  2. Configure the asperawatchd and asperawatchfolderd watch services.
  3. Create a watch folder using the aswatchfolderadmin utility.
You can also configure watch folders by interacting with the Node API or by using IBM Aspera Console. For more information, see Creating a Watch Folder with the Node API and the IBM Aspera Console Admin Guide.