Upgrading A4

A4 is automatically installed with IBM Aspera Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point, and Desktop Client applications. A4 is typically upgraded more frequently than the Enterprise server applications, and these upgrades are available as patches on the Aspera website. To upgrade to the latest version, follow the instructions below.

  1. Back up the ascp4 executable.
    Locate the ascp4 executable:
    C:\Program Files [(x86)]\Aspera\product\bin\ascp4

    where product is Enterprise Server (it is also Enterprise Server for Connect Server installations), Point-to-Point, or Client.

    Rename the file ascp4-version.bak.

  2. Download the A4 binary for your platform from the Aspera downloads page.

    Use credentials provided by your Aspera account manager.

  3. Extract the binaries to the bin directory.
    Unzip the binary package and copy the files into \bin.
  4. Confirm the upgrade was successful.
    Run the following command to view the version of ascp4:
    > "C:\Program Files [(x86)]\Aspera\product\bin\ascp4" -A