Uninstall Version 2.2.1 for Upgrade

If you are upgrading or uninstalling a version of IBM Aspera Connect Server between and, and are not running the SSH server provided as part of the product package, then you may encounter an error while removing the old installation.

Error 1721: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

In this case, follow these steps to uninstall it:

  1. Locate the cached installer package

    To locate the cached installer package, download the msiinv from this link. When downloaded, place the msiinv.exe under C:\msiinv\ directory.

    Open Command Prompt and execute the following command to generate a text file with a list of all installed applications:

    > C:\msiinv\msiinv.exe -p > c:\msiinv\installed_apps.txt

    Open this file with a text editor, locate the section that starts with "Aspera Enterprise Server":

    Aspera Enterprise Server
    Product code: {C040AA04-ABDD-4F82-9BBF-76B4C088CEDC}
    Product state: (5) Installed.
    Local package: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\9a8cc93.msi

    First, locate the line "Version" and verify that the build number is between 17909 and 18906. Second, locate the line "Local package" in preparation for Step 2.

  2. Locate and modify the cached installer package

    Next, download orca, an installer modification tool, from the this link.

    When downloaded, double-click the installer, follow the instructions and select the Typical setup type. Open Orca when finished, select File > Open, enter the path of the cached installer from Step 1:

    Navigate to the file.

    When opened, find the InstallExecuteSequence from the Tables column, right-click on StopSSHD from the Action list and click Drop Row. Click File from the Toolbar and click Save File. When finished, close orca.

    Drop the "StopSSHD".
  3. Remove the old installation

    Remove the previous installation through Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.