Log Files

The log file includes detailed transfer information and can be useful for review and support requests.

To view the application log, go to Tools > View Log.

Reveal the log file location

To review logs of other components, click Open Logs Folder to open the folder that contains transfer logs:

C:\Program Files [(x86)]\Aspera\Enterprise Server\var\log

The following files are available in the log folder. Older logs are stored with the same filename, appended with incremental numbers (for example, ascmd.0.log).

File Name Description
ascmd.log File browsing and manipulation in user interface.
asconfigurator.log Server configuration information.
asperacentral.log A server-side service that handles transfers, web services and database logging.
aspera-scp-transfer.log The FASP transfers.
aspera-scp-http-transfer.log The HTTP Fallback server.
asperasync.log The Hot Folders (File synchronization).

To set the logging level for transfers, open the My Preferences dialog by clicking Tools > Preferences or by clicking Preferences in the upper-right corner of the application window.

The five logging levels to select from are: Off, Error, Warn, Info, and Debug. The system default is Info.

If you find that logs are being overwritten before long ascp4 transfers of many files are complete, you can increase the log size. For more information, see A4 Logs Overwritten Before Transfer Completes.