Setting up Node Users

The asnodeadmin program can be used to manage (add, modify, delete, and list) node users. For each node user, you must indicate the following:

Recall that in Node API Setup, we created a node user and linked this user to the file transfer user aspera_user_1. For asnodeadmin usage, see "Node Admin Tool."

Important: Adding, modifying or deleting a node user triggers automatic reloading of the conf and license files, as well as the user database.

Usage Examples

The examples below use all short options; run asnodeadmin -h to see the corresponding long options.

1. Add user usr1 with password pass1 (you are prompted to enter if the -p option is not given) and associated transfer/system user aspera:  

> asnodeadmin -au usr1 -x aspera [-p pass1]

2. Add user usr2 with password pass2 and associated system/transfer user root:

> asnodeadmin -au usr2 -p pass2 -x root

3. Modify user usr1 by assigning a different password, pass1.1:        

> asnodeadmin -mu usr1 -p pass1.1

4. List users in the current user DB:

> asnodeadmin -l

5. Delete user usr1:    

> asnodeadmin -du usr1