Testing the Web UI

Follow the steps below to test your Aspera Connect client transfers through the Web UI.

Note: The instructions require steps to be taken on both the Connect Server system and a client computer. Make sure you are performing the steps on the specified machine.
  1. Connect Server: Set up a test user account.
    Create a system user (asp1) and add the user to Connect Server with the specified docroot. Launch the application (click Start menu > All Programs > Aspera > Enterprise Server, right-click Enterprise Server, and clickRun as administrator ) and click Configuration. Click the Configuration.

    In Server Configuration, click the Users tab and click Add user to add a user. Enter the system user's name (asp1).

    Add the test user.

    Click the user's Docroot tab and in the Effective Value field for Absolute Path, enter or select an existing path as the user's docroot (for example, C:\sandbox\asp1 ). Set all other options to true. Click OK or Apply when finished.

    Set up the docroot.
    Note: The system user should have read and write permissions to the assigned docroot.
  2. Client: Test the Web UI with the client machine

    Prepare a client computer with the supported OS and browser to test connecting to the Web UI. For a list of supported platforms and browsers, see Requirements. Go to the following address with a client computer's browser:

    HTTP http://server_ip_or_name/aspera/user
    HTTPS https://server_ip_or_name/aspera/user

    Browsing the Web UI from the client machine, you should see the Aspera Connect browser plugin banner with a link to download and install the latest version of Connect:

    Click Download latest version. While waiting for the application to download, the following instructions appear:

    Once the Connect plugin is installed and you've refreshed the page, the Web UI for Connect Server appears:

    In the Web UI, click Upload and select one or more files to upload to Connect Server. When finished, select the uploaded files on the Web UI, and click Download.

    Note: When adding files to the Web UI, do not use the following characters in the filenames:
    / \ " : ' ? > < & * |

    For further information about the Aspera Connect browser plugin, see the Aspera Connect User Guide.

If you are having difficulties establishing FASP transfers using the Web UI, see Clients Can't Establish Connection.