Enabling S3 Storage Using the Command Line

can use S3 storage for a node transfer user by specifying the storage in the user docroot. Use this user to transfer files to and from your S3 storage. The steps below assume the following:

  1. Connect to your server through SSH, elevate to the root user, and set the S3 docroot using the asconfigurator tool.
    # ssh -i identity_file -p 33001 ec2-user@ec2_host_ip
    # sudo su -
    # asconfigurator -x "set_user_data;user_name,username;absolute,S3://access_id:secret_key@s3.amazonaws.com/bucket_name"
    Tip: If you are enabling S3 using IAM roles, use this command instead.
    asconfigurator -x "set_user_data;user_name,username; absolute,S3://s3.amazonaws.com/bucket_name"
  2. Restart the Aspera NodeD service.
    # service asperanoded restart
  3. Test your configuration. Perform a test transfer using an Aspera client to the account configured with the S3 docroot. For information on starting a transfer, see Ascp Transfers to Cloud Storage.