Using A4 from the GUI

As installed, ascp is used for transfers intiated from the GUI and ascp4 transfers can only be initiated from the command line. To make transfers initiated from the GUI to use ascp4, follow these steps:

  1. Back up the ascp executable.
    Locate the ascp executable. On Windows:
    C:\Program Files [(x86)]\Aspera\product\bin\ascp

    On Linux:


    where product is Enterprise Server (it is also Enterprise Server for Connect Server installations), Point-to-Point, or Client.

    Rename the file ascp-version.bak.

  2. In the same directory, make a copy of ascp4 and rename it ascp.
The transfer server will now use ascp4 for transfers initiated from the GUI.
Important: Not all standard ascp options are available with ascp4.