Introduction to A4

Aspera A4 is an optimized transfer engine based on FASP technology. A4 is designed for sending extremely large sets of individual files efficiently, and it supports UDP multicast. The executable, ascp4, is similar to ascp and shares many of the same options and capabilities. For more information on using ascp4 for UDP multicast, see the IBM Aspera Faspstream User Guide.

Both ascp4 and ascp are automatically installed with IBM Aspera Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point, and Desktop Client applications. Patches for A4 may be available between releases of these applications. To upgrade your ascp4 to the latest version, follow the steps in Upgrading A4.

As installed, ascp is used for transfers intiated from the GUI and ascp4 transfers can only be initiated from the command line. For information on how to make GUI-initiated transfers use ascp4, see Using A4 from the GUI.