asperawatchd Configuration

Many aspects of asperwatchd can be configured using the asconfigurator tool from the command line or by editing the server section of aspera.conf. To configure asperawatchd using asconfigurator, use this general syntax:

> asconfigurator -x "set_server_data;option,value"

Options and values are described below.

To edit aspera.conf, open it in a text editor with administrative privileges.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Enterprise Server\etc\aspera.conf

For an example of the asperawatchd configuration in aspera.conf, see the sample below. Possible options and values are described below.

Remember to validate aspera.conf after any editing to confirm your configuration is correct. Run the following command:

> asuserdata -v

To view the current settings, run the following command:

> asuserdata -a

asperawatchd Configuration Options

The table below provides a reference of the configuration options for asperawatchd.

asconfigurator option
aspera.conf setting

Description Default


The maximum number of directories that can be watched (combined across all watches).
This is only used on Linux machines to overwrite the system value /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches. To overwrite the system value with the aspera.conf value, run the setup procedure in the admin tool:
# aswatchadmin setup


The number of snapshots stored in the database before the oldest are overwritten. 10000


The maximum amount of time between snapshots. If this period has passed without the minimum number of changes occurring to trigger a snapshot, a new snapshot is taken. 3s


The minimum number of changes required to trigger a snapshot. If this number is reached before the snapshot minimum interval has passed, a new snapshot is taken. 100


Specify the log directory. The Aspera logging file


Set the log level. log


Define how the local machine connects to the Redis database. redis:


The amount of time between asperawatchd assessments of the watches (from end of one to start of the next). asperawatchd assesses watches for change independent of the snapshot minimum interval and snapshot minimum changes to ensure changes are captured. 30m

Example WatchD Configuration in aspera.conf