IBM® Aspera® Connect Server is a web-based file transfer server that uses FASP® transfer technology to maximize upload and download speeds. Connect Server includes the following features:

Feature Description
FASP transport technology The file transfer protocol that maximizes transfer speeds over IP networks by eliminating the fundamental bottlenecks in conventional technologies. FASP features bandwidth control, resume, transfer encryption, content protection, and data integrity validation.
Transfer server Allows an unlimited number of concurrent client transfers. Uses virtual links to manage aggregate bandwidth usage.
Connect Server Web UI A web-based interface through which Aspera Connect clients can manage transfers. Connect Server includes the HTTP fallback server, which enables clients without FASP connectivity to run FASP transfers on an HTTP or HTTPS connection.
Pre- and Post-Processing (Prepost) Execute customizable actions when transfer events, such as the start and end of transfer sessions, occur. An email notification script is included.
Ascp The command-line file transfer program.
Aspera Watch Service A service that detects file system change and manages snapshots, optimized for speed, scale, and distributed sources. It discovers changes (new files and directories, deleted items, and renames) in source file systems immediately as they occur, eliminating the need to scan the file system.

More features are available with additional licenses:

Feature Description
Watchfolders A service to automate large-scale file and directory transfers, with support for ultra-large (10 million-item) directories and "growing file" sources.