Configuring your Web UI Settings

IBM Aspera Connect Server's Web UI transfer settings must be set by manually editing aspera.conf.
  1. Open aspera.conf in a text editor with admin or root privileges.
  2. Open Aspera's sample Web UI configuration file in a text editor.
  3. Copy the <WEB> section from the sample Web UI configuration file and paste it into aspera.conf.
    <CONF version="2">
       SshPort = "22"
       UdpPort = "33001"
       PathMTU = "0"
       HttpFallback = "yes"
       HttpFallbackPort = "8080"
       HttpsFallbackPort = "8443"
       EnableDelete = "yes"
       EnableCreateFolder = "yes"
       EnableUserSwitching = "no"
  4. Edit the <WEB> section to fit your requirements.
    The sample is prepopulated with the default values.
    Important: Although the industry-standard SSH port is TCP/22, Aspera recommends changing it to TCP/33001 (as described in the topic Securing your SSH Server). The default configuration example, above, assumes your SSH port is set to TCP/33001.

    The table below provides descriptions of all Web UI configuration options, including some that are not in the sample.

    Field Description Values Default
    SshPort The TCP port for SSH transfer communication. integer between 1 and 65535 22
    UdpPort The UDP port for FASP file transfer. integer between 1 and 65535 33001
    PathMTU Set the maximum packet size for file transmission. When set to "0", FASP automatically sets an appropriate value for the network. integer between 296 and 10000 0
    HttpFallback Enable HTTP Fallback transfer when UDP-port transfer fails. yes / no no
    HttpFallbackPort The TCP port for HTTP Fallback transfer. integer between 1 and 65535 8080
    HttpsFallbackPort The TCP port for HTTPS Fallback transfer. integer between 1 and 65535 8443
    EnableDelete Set to yes (default) to allow users with the appropriate permissions to delete files and folders within the Web UI. yes / no yes
    EnableCreateFolder Set to yes (default) to allow users with the appropriate permissions to create new folders using the New Folder button within the Web UI.
    Note: The user can still upload a new folder even if EnableCreateFolder is set to no.
    yes / no yes
    AsperaServer To use this computer solely for the Connect Server Web UI (and not for file transfers), enter the IP address or host name of the transfer server machine in this field. In the case of a high-availability or clustered setup, this value should be the IP address or host name of the VIP (from where the VIP/cluster service/load balancer will manage the transfer servers). Once added, Connect Server allows the user to transfer to and from the file system on the indicated transfer server machine. The IP address or host name of the transfer server machine unspecified (transfer using local machine)
    MinimumConnectVersion Set the minimum version of Connect that must be installed in order for users to be able to use Connect Server. If the minimum version is not installed, a message is displayed that indicates the minimum version required and provides a download link. This option takes the value in the format of the Aspera Connect version, for example,
    Note: The default value for this setting is also the lowest allowable value. If the value specified is below the default value, the Web UI enforces the default value.
    Version number
    EnableUserSwitching Allow a user to switch to a different user account. When set to yes, a Change User button is added to the web page in the upper-right corner. Note that the feature only allows users to log in to a different account than the one they are exiting.

    This is currently an experimental feature.

    yes / no no
    FollowSymbolicLinks Support symbolic links in the Connect Server. The secure permission feature should be configured to enable this option. yes / no yes
    EnableSortByName When set to true, files are sorted into a given order to be displayed in before being listed on the Connect Server Web UI.
    Important: Aspera recommends using the default setting of false. If you browse a directory that contains numerous files, then browsing performance may be impacted by the sorting process.
    true / false false
    EnableConnectUpdates When set to yes, the Connect Server Web UI displays a prompt to upgrade the Connect browser plugin when an upgrade is available. When set to no, this prompt no longer appears, except for mandatory upgrades when the minimum version requirement for Connect is not met. This setting does not affect the installation message that appears when Connect is not installed. yes / no yes
  5. To secure your web server, you may want to enforce the use of HTTPS and disable HTTP.
    For information on how to configure this, see the documentation for your OS and web server.
  6. Restart Aspera HTTPD
    Run the following commands to restart asperahttpd:
    # /etc/init.d/asperahttpd stop
    # /etc/init.d/asperahttpd start