Managing Watch Folder Services

Query watchd or watchfolderd services

# /opt/aspera/bin/asrun send -g

A query returns output similar to the following example, in which one watchd service and one watchfolderd service are returned:

[asrun send] code=0, body={"services":[{"id":"52ca847a-6981-47e1-9f9b-b661cf298af1","configuration":{"enabled":true,"run_as":{"user":"root"},"type":"WATCHD"},"state":"RUNNING","state_changed_at":"2016-10-20T19:14:34Z"},{"id":"root","configuration":{"enabled":true,"run_as":{"user":"root"},"type":"WATCHFOLDERD"},"state":"RUNNING","state_changed_at":"2016-10-20T00:11:19Z"}

Restart watchd or watchfolderd services

# /opt/aspera/bin/asrun send --disable service_id
# (wait for service to shutdown)
# /opt/aspera/bin/asrun send --enable service_id

Delete watchd or watchfolderd services

Note: Running this command for an asperawatchfolderd service removes all corresponding keys from Redis. If you do not want to remove the service from Redis, use the disable command above.
# /opt/aspera/bin/asrun send -d service_id