Watchfolder Configuration in aspera.conf

Watchfolder can be configured using the asconfigurator tool from the command line or by editing the server section of aspera.conf. To configure the Watchfolder using asconfigurator, use this general syntax:

#/opt/aspera/bin/asconfigurator -x "set_default_data;option,value"

Possible options and values are described in the table below.

To edit aspera.conf, open it in a text editor with administrative privileges.

An example of the watchfolderd configuration in aspera.conf is provided after the table below.

Remember to validate aspera.conf after any editing to confirm your configuration is correct. Run the following command:

/ /opt/aspera/bin/asuserdata -v  

To view the current settings, run the following command:

# /opt/aspera/bin/asuserdata -a

Watchfolder Configuration Options

The table below provides a reference of the configuration options for watchfolderd.

asconfigurator option
aspera.conf setting

Description Default


Define how the local machine connects to the Redis database. redis:[:domain]


Set the log directory. undefined (goes to the Aspera logging file)


Set the log level. Options are disable, log, dbg1, or dbg2. log


Set the drop maximum age. Drops older than this age are purged. 1d


Set the maximum number files across all drops. Once this number is reached, drops will be purged until the file count is less than the specified number. 9223372036854775807


Set to enabled to allow ascp transfers initiated by Watchfolder to use new ascp options before they are built into the application. disabled

Example watchfolderd Configuration in aspera.conf

        <log_directory> </log_directory>