Transferring Content and Managing Transfers

Do not use the following characters in file or folder names:
/ \ " : ' ? > < & * |

The steps below describe how to initiate a transfer. Instructions for managing transfer progress, order, and rate follow.

  1. Connect to the remote host.
    Double-click the connection in the Connection panel, or select it and click Connect.
    Select a connection.

    In the connections panel, the Target Directory shows either a specific path when the target directory is set, or the last-visited folder when left blank. For how to set up the target directory, see Managing Connections.

  2. Initiate the transfer.
    To transfer content to or from the remote computer, select the content to transfer and then click the upload or download arrow.
    Download a file from the remote host.
  3. Transfer content using drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste.
    You can transfer files or folders between the right and left browser panels and move them within the browser panels using drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste. You can copy files or folders within the browser panels using copy-and-paste.

    You can also initiate an upload using drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer to the right (remote) browser panel.

  4. Transfer content without browsing the remote host.
    If you have entered the target directory for this connection (See Managing Connections), you can also transfer content without browsing the remote computer. To do so, select the files and fodlers from the left panel (local), select the connection name from the right panel (remote) and click Upload to push the content to the remote computer's target directory (as shown in the screenshot), or Download to pull content from it.

    Upload files without browing.

    Note: If you attempt to transfer too many files, regardless of the method, the transfer is disabled and the following warning message is displayed:
    Too many files selected. Select fewer files, or transfer the folder containing your selection instead.

    The file limit is OS dependent. The limit does not apply to copy-and-paste operations within the same file browser panel.