What's New?

What's New in 3.7.4?


  • Hot Folder processes are now multi-threaded, allowing other processes to continue in cases when periodic scans take a long time (>1 hour).
  • A new Hot Folder maintenance option enables updating passwords from the command line. This command provides a scriptable way to update passwords in cases when passwords must be updated frequently, such as for Aspera Shares authentication in which passwords must be refreshed every 30 days. See Managing Hot Folders.
  • Data is now encrypted in transit (using AES-128) by default when a new connection is created in the GUI.
  • Transfers with Microsoft Azure Files are now supported, including using Azure Files access keys and the ability to create connections to Azure Files storage in the GUI.
  • A new command-line tool, aclean, is a fast method of deleting directories and files from local and object storage. Directories and files can be filtered based on their last modified times, and the tool supports doing a dry run to determine what content will be deleted. For information, see aclean Reference.


  • The -u option can now be used with ascp4 to specify user strings, such as pre- and post-processing variables.
  • Persistent ascp4 sessions are now supported by using the --keepalive option.
  • Improved ascp4 transfer stability.
  • Improved error handling including: 1) errors are reported to both the client and server, 2) if the destination does not have enough disk space to receive the transfer then the session now exits with an error message, and 3) if some files in a transfer session fail to transfer, the last failure is now reported in the A4 session status.