Trunk (Vlink) Configurations

General Syntax

This collection of commands configures settings related to Vlinks, which are aggregate bandwidth caps applied to transfer sessions.

The syntax for setting trunk configurations is the following :

> asconfigurator -x "set_trunk_data;id,trunk_id;parameter,value"

Setting or getting trunk data requires you to specify the ID number of the Vlink as the first parameter of the asconfigurator command.

Note: Not all available parameters are listed below, only the most commonly used. To view a complete list, run the following command:
> asuserdata -+

Vlink Configurations

The ID of the Vlink.
Values: (Number 1-255)
Whether the Vlink is enabled (true) or disabled (false).
Values: true, false
The bandwidth capacity of the Vlink (in Kbps).
Values: (Number)