Managing Hot Folders

You can manage existing Hot Folders by clicking the Hot Folders tab:

The Hot Folders panel.

Control transfers

Click the Start, Stop, and Remove from view (and stop) buttons to start a transfer, stop a transfer, and delete the Hot Folder, respectively.

View Hot Folder transfer details

Double click the Hot Folder to open the Details view, or click the Details button with the Hot Folder selected.

On the Details tab, you can view statistics for the Hot Folder, including the total size of the transfer, the number of files in each state, and the source and destination.

On the Files tab, you can view the state of individual files:

File states can be the following:

Pending The file is new or modified and Hot Folders is waiting for the file to stabilize.
Ready A pending file is now stable.
Queued The file is scheduled for transfer.
Transferring The file is transferring.
Complete The file successfully transferred.
Failed The file transfer was unsuccessful. Possible reasons include permissions conflicts, an invalid destination path, or the file is still in use.

Edit Hot Folders

To edit the configuration of existing Hot Folders, right-click the entry in the Hot Folders panel and select Edit....

Update Hot Folder Passwords

Hot Folder password maintenance can be done from the command line rather than by using the GUI. If a Hot Folder is authenticating to a Shares node and the password for the connection must be refreshed every 30 days, you can use the following command in a script to update the password:

> asperasync -P new_password -N hot_folder_name

The hot_folder_name is the text in the Name column of the Hot Folders tab.