Enabling a Transfer Proxy or HTTP Proxy

If, for network security reasons, you are behind a transfer proxy server, you can enable the proxy for file transfer by configuring settings in the Preferences dialog. Preferences can be accessed either from the Preferences button, or from the Tools menu in the main toolbar.

If you have admin privileges, you can enable transfer proxies for all users by setting global preferences. If you are a non-admin user, you can override global transfer-proxy settings for your own account, including enabling or disabling the feature.

By default, proxy is disabled.

Global Proxy Settings

To enable or edit proxy settings globally, click Tools > Global Preferences. You must have admin privileges to set global preferences.

To enable a transfer proxy, set the following:

To enable HTTP proxy, set the following:

By default, all proxy settings are turned off. For global preferences, clicking Restore System Defaults clears all settings.

User Proxy Settings

To override the global settings, you can enter personal settings for your own account. Click Tools > Preferences or the Preferencesbutton:

Under Proxy, the values inherited from the global proxy settings are displayed.

To configure the transfer proxy settings:

Click Restore Defaults to revert all user settings to the global values.

To configure the HTTP proxy settings:

Note: If you are an admin, you can access the global proxy dialog by clicking the Global Preferences button.

Click Restore Defaults to revert all user settings to the global values.