Upgrading Enterprise Server to Connect Server

Enterprise Server can be upgraded to Connect Server without needing to completely uninstall the product.

  1. Before upgrading, set up the Internet Information Service (IIS) for Web UI.
    For instructions, see Product Setup, Step 1.
  2. Prepare for the upgrade as described in Before Upgrading or Downgrading.
  3. Download the latest Connect Server installer.
    Use the credentials provided to your organization by Aspera to access:


    If you need help determining your firm's access credentials, contact your Aspera account manager.

  4. Run the installer.
    Follow the on-screen instructions to update your software to the latest version.
  5. Change the new installation to include the Connect Server Web UI.
    Go to Start menu > Control Panel. Select Aspera Enterprise Server, click Change, and enter an administrative password, if requested.

    When the Aspera Enterprise Server Setup wizard opens, click Next. In the Change, repair, or remove installation window, click Change.

    Change existing installation

    In the Custom Setup window, click Connect Server Web UI and select Will be installed on local hard drive. Click Next to proceed.

    Add Web UI
  6. Import a valid Connect Server license.
    To update the license key, launch the application with admin privileges (clickStart Menu > All Programs > Aspera > Enterprise Server, right-click Enterprise Server and click Run as administrator) and click Tools > License to bring up the License window. Bring up the License window to update your license.

    You can either click Import License File and select the license file, or click Paste License Text to paste the copied content of the license file. When finished, the license information appears in the window. Verify that it is correct and click Close.

  7. Perform upgrade follow up tasks.
    Following an upgrade, you may need to review your OpenSSH authentication methods, update connections, and verify aspera.conf. For more information, see Product Setup.
  8. Configure the Connect Server Web UI.
    Additional steps are required to configure the web UI, see the Aspera Connect Server Admin Guide for your platform.