Aspera Sync is a software application that provides high-speed and highly scalable multi-directional, file-based replication and synchronization. Aspera Sync is designed to fill the performance gap of uni-directional file synchronization tools like rsync, which are often slow for synchronizing large files and large sets of files over the WAN. Additionally, Aspera Sync extends the capability of uni-directional synchronization tools with full support for synchronization that is bi-directional and multi-directional.

Aspera Sync offers the following key capabilities:

Aspera Sync is a command-line program called async that, like rsync, uses an SSH connection to establish connectivity with its remote peers and is spawned as an SSH subsystem binary on the remote system. The program can be run one time or periodically (through a cron tab scheduled job) on file systems that do not provide asynchronous change notification, or in a continuous mode on file systems that do support asynchronous change notification. Aspera Sync is designed to process files and transfer new data in a continuous pipeline for maximum speed, even when running in scan-only mode (when no file system change notification is available).

Sample Sync Deployment Diagram