Enabling the Aspera License Entitlement Engine (ALEE)

Aspera On Demand products are made available through a license entitlement using a Customer ID and Entitlement ID. The ALEE feature can be enabled on Windows Enterprise Server 3.6.2 or later. Follow the instructions below to enable ALEE.

  1. Customize the installation of Enterprise Server.
    • For new installations of Enterprise Server: Select Custom in the Setup Options dialog during the installation process.
    • To update an existing installation of Enterprise Server: Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features. Click Aspera Enterprise Server and then Change to launch the Aspera Enterprise Server Setup application. Click OK and Next to enter the set up dialog.
  2. Enable the ALEE Service.
    Select the hard drive icon from the drop-down menu next to ALEE Service. Click Next and complete the installation.
    Enable ALEE Service from the drop-down menu.
  3. Register using the ALEE Service.
    Open a Command Prompt window as Administrator (right-click Command Prompt and click Run as administrator). Run the following command:
    > "C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Enterprise Server\bin\alee_admin.exe" register Customer_ID Entitlement_ID

    Do not include the (x86) for 32-bit Windows installations.

    The output indicates when Customer ID and License ID are set, what type of license is enabled, the license status, and when the license server was last reached.

  4. Confirm that the license entitlement was successful by opening Enterprise Server and doing a test transfer.
    Note: A test transfer is the surest way to confirm the license entitlement is active. Currently, the license display for a Windows ALEE-enabled Enterprise Server (click Help > About > View License) does not show relevant license information, such as what components are enabled.