Viewing Sync Transfers in the Aspera GUI

The Aspera Enterprise Server, Point-to-Point Client, and Desktop Client GUI shows async-initiated transfers if Sync is run on the machine (as client) by default, whereas server async transfers are not shown. In the example below, transfers associated with a Sync job in which the remote user, aspera, is pushing files to the server folder for Project X.

You can configure the server and client reporting to the Aspera GUI with the following options.

Server reporting:

Server reporting is disabled by default. To enable the server to report Sync-initiated transfers, run the following command on the server:

> asconfigurator -x "set_node_data;async_activity_logging,true"

Restart the Aspera NodeD service to activate the change. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Services and Applications > Services, click Aspera NodeD, and click Restart.

Client reporting:

Client reporting is enabled by default. To disable the client from reporting Sync-initiated transfers, run the following command on the client machine:

> asconfigurator -x "set_client_data;async_management_activity_logging,false"

You do not need to restart the Aspera NodeD service for this change to take effect.