Pre/Post Variables

The following tables list all pre/post variables for setting up pre- and post-processing.

Pre/post variable considerations:

For Type Session and Type File

Variable Description Values Example
COOKIE The user-defined cookie string. string* "%COOKIE%" == "cookie-string"
DIRECTION The transfer direction.
  • send
  • recv
"%DIRECTION%" == "send"
ERRCODE The error code. string "%ERRCODE%" == "1"
ERRSTR The error string. string "%ERRSTR%" == "FASP error"
MANIFESTFILE The full path to the manifest file. string* "%MANIFESTFILE%" == "c:\log"
PEER The peer name or IP address. string or valid IPv4 address "%PEER%" == ""
SECURE Transfer encryption.
  • yes
  • no
"%SECURE%" == "no"
SESSIONID The session id. string "%SESSIONID%" == "1"
STARTSTOP The status start or stop.
  • Start
  • Stop
"%STARTSTOP%" == "Start"
STATE The transfer state.
  • started
  • success
  • failed
"%STATE%" == "success"
TYPE The event type.
  • Session
  • File
"%TYPE%" == "Session"
USER The user name string "%USER%" == "aspera_user_1"
USERSTR The user string, such as additional variables. string* "%USERSTR%" == "-q"

For Type Session

Variable Description Values Example
FILE1 The first file. string* "%FILE1%" == "first-file"
FILE2 The second file. string* "%FILE2%" == "second-file"
FILECOUNT The number of files. positive integer "%FILECOUNT%" >= "5"
FILELAST The last file. string* "%FILELAST%" == "last-file"
LICENSE The license account and serial number. string "%LICENSE%" == "license-string"
MINRATE The initial minimum rate, in Kbps. positive integer "%MINRATE%" == "50"
PEERLICENSE The peer's license account and serial number. string "%PEERLICENSE%" == "license-string"
RATEMODE The transfer policy.
  • adapt
  • fixed
"%RATEMODE%" == "adapt"
SOURCE The full path of the source file. string* "%SOURCE%" == "C:\tmp"
TARGET The full path of the target directory. string* "%TARGET%" == "."
TARGETRATE The initial target rate, in Kbps. positive integer "%TARGETRATE%" == "100"
TOTALBYTES The total bytes transferred. positive integer "%TOTALBYTES%" >= "100000000"
TOTALSIZE The total size of files being transferred in bytes. positive integer "%TOTALSIZE%" >= "500000000"

For Type File

Variable Description Values Example
DELAY The measured network delay, in ms. positive integer "%DELAY%" <= "1"
FILE The file name. string* "%FILE%" == "file-name"
FILE_CSUM Destination checksum of the most recently transferred file. string "%FILE_CSUM%" == "checksum"
LOSS The network loss in percentage. double-digit fixed point value "%LOSS%" >= "5.00"
OVERHEAD The total number of duplicate packets. positive integer "%OVERHEAD%" >= "1"
RATE The transfer rate in Kbps. double-digit fixed point value "%RATE%" >= "10.00"
REXREQS The total number of retransmission requests. positive integer "%REXREQS%" >= "3"
SIZE The file size in bytes. positive integer "%SIZE%" >= "5000000"
STARTBYTE The start byte if resumed. positive integer "%STARTBYTE%" >= "100000"