Global Bandwidth Settings

Aspera FASP transport has no theoretical throughput limit. Other than the network capacity, the transfer speed can be limited by user-configured rate settings and the resources of the local and remote machines.

To set the transfer bandwidth for all FASP transfers, launch the application with administrator privileges and click Tools > Global Preferences.

In the Global Preferences dialog, click Transfers. This window provides the following options:

Item Description
System-Wide Settings The aggregated bandwidth cap for all FASP transfers on this computer. For more advanced bandwidth settings, see Bandwidth.
Default Target Rate The initial download and upload rates for all transfers.
Maximum Active Transfers The maximum number of concurrent upload transfers and download transfers.
The preferences window.

To override the default bandwidth limits, under System-Wide Settings select the boxes next to Limit Download Bandwidth and Limit Upload Bandwidth and enter new values in the fields. The global settings for download and upload bandwidth limits cannot be reset by non-admin users. However, users can view the global limit from the Preferences > Transfers dialog.

Note: When global bandwidth limits are set, the application creates virtual links (Vlink) and applies them to the default transfer settings. For more information about Vlinks, see Controlling Bandwidth Usage with Virtual Links (GUI).

To set default target rates for uploads and downloads, enter new values in the fields next to Default Target Rate. To adjust the maximum active transfers for all users, enter new values in the fields next to Maximum Active Transfers. Non-admin users can adjust their personal default target rates and maximum active transfers above or below the default values.