Testing a Locally Initiated Transfer

To make sure the software is working properly, follow these steps to set up a simple connection with the Aspera Demo Server and test download and upload transfers.

  1. Launch the application.
    Click Start menu > All Programs > Aspera > Point-to-Point > Point-to-Point
  2. Add the Aspera Demo Server in the Connection Manager.
    Click Connections: Bring up the Connection Manager.

    In the Connection Manager, click Add connection button to add a new connection, click OK to create a standard connection, and enter the following information, leaving the other options with their default values or blank:

    Field Value
    Host demo.asperasoft.com
    User aspera
    Authentication (Password) demoaspera
    Adding the Demo Server.
  3. Test your connection to the remote server.
    Click Test Connection to determine whether you can reach the remote server with the settings you configured. An alert box opens and reports whether the connection is successful.
  4. Connect to the Demo Server and download test files.
    From the main window, select the demo server entry and click the Connect button.

    On the server file browser (right panel), browse to the folder /aspera-test-dir-large, select the file 100MB, and click Download arrow. to download it to your local machine.

    Downloading test files from the Demo Server.

    You should see the session appear in the Transfer pane.

  5. Upload to the Demo Server
    Select the same file (100MB) on the local file browser (left panel), go to the folder /Upload on the Demo Server, and click Upload arrow. to upload it.