Updating the Docroot of a Running asperawatchfolderd Service

If, when creating a watch folder, aswatchfolderadmin errors out with error code err=28672, check that your docroot has been properly configured to provide access to the source directory specified in the JSON configuration file. You may have specified a destination that is not permitted by the docroot of the user running asperawatchfolderd, or you may have no docroot configured at all.

If you need to make changes to your docroot, follow the instructions below to update your docroot and restart the asperawatchfolderd service.

  1. Update the docroot for the user running asperawatchfolderd.
    The docroot is a security feature that allows you to restrict the area of the file system that a user, and services run by that user such as the Aspera Watch Service, can access. If a user needs access to the entire file system, set the docroot path as C:\, but you cannot leave it empty.

    Set the user's docroot by running the following command:

    > asconfigurator -x "set_user_data;user_name,username;absolute,docroot"

    For example:

    > asconfigurator -x "set_user_data;user_name,svcAspera;absolute,C:\\"
    user_name: svcAspera

    The aspera.conf configuration file is in the following location:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Point-to-Point\etc\aspera.conf

  2. Restart the asperawatchfolderd service to pick up the changes to the docroot.

    Use the asrun utility to disable and enable the asperawatchfolderd service. For more information about asrun and the asperarund service manager, see The Aspera Watch Services Manager (asperarund).

    > asrun send --disable="username"
    > asrun send --enable="username"