If you have already received your username and password, perform Step 1. If you do not have access to this Aspera Faspex Server, and the Create an Account link is visible on your login page, skip to Step 2.
  1. Navigate to your Aspera Faspex Server website in a browser window and input your login credentials.

    To access your Aspera Faspex Server's web interface within a browser window, go to the domain or IP address that you set up during the installation process. For example:

    • https://<your-server-ip-or-name>/aspera/faspex
    • https://faspex.<your-domain>.com

    Here, input your Aspera Faspex Server username and password, and click the Login button to continue.

  2. (If enabled) Click the "Create an Account" link to request access to the Aspera Faspex server.

    If your Administrator allows users to self-register on this Aspera Faspex Server, then you will see a Create an Account link on the login page. After clicking on this link, complete the following form and click the Create Account button:

    Once you receive your account confirmation, log into the Aspera Faspex Server (as described in Step 1, above).

  3. If prompted to do so (after logging in), install the Aspera Connect browser plugin.

    You must have the Aspera Connect browser plugin installed to access the Aspera Faspex Server web interface. If Aspera Connect is not detected on your system, you will be prompted to install it.

    Aspera Connect Plugin Dialog

    For systems that support Java, clicking the Install Now button automatically installs the Aspera Connect browser plugin. When installation has completed, refresh your browser window to check whether or not Aspera Connect has installed successfully. If it has not installed successfully or if your system doesn't support Java, then click the Download the installer link to access the Aspera Connect download page (http://asperasoft.com/connect). From here, you can download the Aspera Connect installer for your specific operating system.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: As an Aspera Faspex user, you have the option to suppress the Aspera Connect installation from your Aspera Faspex Preferences page.