Reactivating an Inactive Account

A user account can become inactive if an admin deactivates the user or the user account has been locked because an incorrect password was entered too many times. An inactive or locked account cannot be logged into and its password cannot be reset by clicking Forgot my password from the login page.
  1. Go to Accounts.
    In your list of accounts, you may see users that are Active, Inactive, Pending approval, or Locked. You can reactivate inactive and locked accounts. For more information on pending accounts, see Approving or Denying Pending Registrations.

  2. Click the name of the user account you want to reactivate.
  3. You can reactivate an account by selecting Account activated or by changing the user's password.
    • Select Account activated: Under the user account's Account Details section, select Account activated. The user can now log in to this account using the existing password.
    • Click Change Password: Enter and confirm a new password for the user. Click Update Password. The user can now log into this account using the new password. If you select Send welcome message, Faspex sends an email including the new password to the account's email address.
The user account should now be able to log in to the account with the correct credentials.