Enabling Self-Registration

IBM Aspera Faspex gives you the ability to allow non-registered users to request accounts on the Faspex login page. This relieves the workload of admins and managers. You must ensure that proper security settings have been put into place before allowing self-registration.

  1. The self-registration feature is turned off by default. Go to Server > Security and find the Registrations section.
  2. From the Self registration drop down menu, choose between three options:
    • None: Self-registration is not allowed.
    • Moderated: An admin must approve the account before it is created.
    • Unmoderated: Once a user registers an account, the account is automatically created.
    If you allow self-registration, Aspera recommends you use the Moderated setting for security purposes.
    Warning: If self-registration is enabled, a user can use it to find out whether a certain account exists on the server. If a user attempts to self-register a duplicate account, then the user receives a prompt stating that the user already exists.
  3. Optional: Set the Terms of Service. Users are required to accept the terms in order to create an account.
  4. Enter one or more email addresses to notify for moderation. These email addresses are not validated against existing Faspex admins or managers, but only admins and managers can approve account requests.
    Note: This field only appears when self-registration is Moderated.
  5. Optional: Select Self-registered users are allowed to send packages to one another to allow self-registered users to send packages to other self-registered users.
  6. Optional: Click Update.
  7. Optional: To prevent a self-registered account from having the same email address as a full Faspex user, admins can add a special option to faspex.yml.
    You find faspex.yml in the following directory:

    Inside faspex.yml, within the Production section, paste the following option and set it to true:

    EnforceSelfRegisteredUserEmailUniqueness: true
If users are allowed to self-register, they see the option to Request an account on the login page. After a user clicks this link and completes the form, admins are required to Approve or Deny the account. Admins can find requests by going to Accounts > Pending Registrations > Actions to Approve or Deny the account. For more information on approving or denying accounts, see Approving or Denying Pending Registrations.

After a user self-registers, the new account inherits the permissions of the configured template user and automatically becomes a member of designated workgroups. To configure the template user, go to Accounts > Pending Registrations and click the template user link. To set the workgroups that newly created users join, click the workgroups link. For more information about configuring the template user and workgroups, see Configure Self-Registration Template User.