Creating Metadata Profiles

Metadata profiles include a set of fields that, if applied, require users to include additional information when sending a package. Metadata profiles can be applied all new, normal packages or to individual dropboxes.

  1. Go to Server > Metadata and click Add New Profile.
  2. Name the metadata profile and click Create.
  3. Select a field option from the drop-down menu and then click Add Field. You can add multiple metadata fields.

    • Text input: Create a single-line text field.
    • Text area: Create a multiline text field.
    • Option list: Create a radio button-based options list.
    • Date Field: Create a date picker.

Each field option has its own template. The following instructions differ depending on the field option you selected.

  1. Enter a descriptive name for the metadata field in the Label field. This text is displayed beside the field option on the New Package / Send to Dropbox page.
  2. Configure options.
    • Text Field / Text Area: Restrict users from using the character specified in the Illegal Characters field. Fields are validated for illegal characters when the user tries to send the package. Warning messages appear listing the illegal characters.
    • Option List: Enter the list the options a user can choose from in the Options field.
    • Date Field: Configure the Date format of the date picker.
  3. For Text Fields and Text Areas, set the max number of characters for the field. The maximum length must be between 1 and 999.
    Note: The sum total maximum length of all fields (including labels, options, and date fields) must be less than 2000 characters. If the sum total exceeds 2000 characters, all max length fields are reset to the default (100 characters).
  4. Require a user complete this field. Select Required.
  5. Preview the metadata fields. Click Save and Preview.

  6. When finished, click Save. You are redirected to the Metadata Profiles page.
Click Edit to modify your profile or Delete to remove it.