The Connect Browser Plug-In

The IBM Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in is a self-installing web browser plug-in that enables web-based transfers for Faspex. Faspex users must install the Connect browser plug-in to transfer packages.

Typically, when users first log in, Faspex checks if they have installed a compatible version of the Connect plug-in. If they have an outdated version or do not have the plug-in installed, Faspex prompts the users to download and install the plug-in.

If users click Download latest version, they are connected to Aspera's CloudFront CDN from which they can download the Connect plug-in installer.

If you are operating within a closed system, you may want to host your own IBM Aspera Connect installers and plugins for your applications rather than having the downloads served from Aspera's CloudFront CDN. This also enables you to make users download Connect from a server of your choice. For more information on serving the Connect plug-in locally, see Serving Connect from a Local Location.

Note: If you choose to locally serve connect, you must manually update your Connect plug-in version to support the latest Faspex features. Different versions of Faspex require a different minimum version of the Connect plug-in. You can check the minimum Connect plug-in version of your Faspex by going to Server > Transfer Options and looking under Aspera Connect Version.