Import Directory Service Groups

Important: When IBM Aspera Faspex imports Active Directory (AD) groups, it is bounded by the AD server parameter "MaxValRange." If you want to import a larger AD group, change the "MaxValRange" parameter on your AD server.

When importing a Directory Service group, all users listed under that group are added into Faspex. To import a group, start by going to Accounts and select the Directory Service Group tab. Any DS groups that you have previously imported are shown in the list.

  1. Click the + New Group button and enter the directory service group attributes.

    Typing three characters or more brings up the group list with matching keywords.

    Important: All DS groups must have unique names. You cannot import multiple Directory Service (DS) groups of the same name, regardless of whether they are on the same DS server.
  2. Click Edit Additional Permissions to specify permissions for the DS group.
    For more information on setting additional permissions for the DS group, see to Configure User Settings.
  3. Click Done > Import when finished.
    When adding directory service groups, Faspex searches for groups recursively to import users. For example, if group A contains Group 1, importing Group A also imports Group 1's members. Once imported, the directory service group's members are added to Faspex and the import page is updated with a link to view or edit the new group.
Click the View link to go back to the Accounts screen. Your imported DS users appear in the accounts list, along with the type column identification DS.