Faspex APIs


The Faspex Web API provides a set of RESTful web services to enable browsing, publishing, sending, and receiving Faspex packages. You can find documentation for the Faspex Rest APIs on the Aspera Developer Network at https://developer.asperasoft.com/web/faspex/index.
Note: You need login credentials for the Aspera Developer Network. If you do not have credentials, contact Aspera.

Faspex 4.0+ supports V4 Rest APIs in addition to V3 Rest APIs. For more information on the Faspex V3 Rest API, see the documentation at https://developer.asperasoft.com/web/faspex/rest. For more information on the Faspex V4 Rest API, see https://developer.asperasoft.com/reference/whats-new/269-new-faspex-enhancements.

Faspex V4 Rest API

Faspex V4 APIs provides additional/advanced feature set as below
  • Follows REST API accepted standards (including response codes)
  • All JSON payload and response
  • HMAC Authentication
  • User management APIs
  • API's for setting download limits
  • API's for "per-user" download statistics
  • API's for editing email templates
  • Ability to set override locations for package delivery. More than just mapping users to locations, this can override location priorities and essentially map packages to locations, not just users
  • Increased metadata field length
  • More information around packages and states, including download count, file count in packages, package creation date, package modification date, aggregate file size, and more
  • More information around download stats, including username, downloader IP address, download date, and time
Note: The Faspex V4 REST API code is disabled by default. For instructions on enabling the V4 API, see Enabling Faspex V4 APIs.