Enabling Cloud Referencing for Package Creation

When creating a package, Faspex copies the uploaded source files to create the package. Cloud referencing links the package files to the source files instead of copying the source files, as long as the source and destination of a package are in the same cloud storage. You must first add a remote transfer node and file storage to Faspex. For more information about adding remote servers, see Configuring a Remote Server in Faspex and Adding File Storage on your Remote Server.
Important: Cloud referencing is only supported for cloud clusters running IBM Aspera Enterprise Server 3.6.0+.
  1. Go to Server > File Storage and edit the file storage of the remote cloud service node. Select Enable cloud referencing.
    Important: The file storage must be on a cloud node and it must be selected as the default inbox.
  2. Enable trap links for the remote storage.
    For example, on Azure nodes, edit /opt/aspera/etc/trapd/azure.properties and set aspera.session.support.symlink = true.
    # Defines whether symlink support is wished
    # Default is false
    aspera.session.support.symlink = true
    Enable the configuration changes by running:
    $ sudo service asperatrapd restart
    Note: When creating a package, both the source and the default inbox need to be on the same cloud node for the cloud referencing feature to work.
  3. Enable specific users to create packages from remote sources.
    Go to Accounts and click the name of the user. Under Permissions, select Create packages from remote sources to enable the feature for that user.