Available HTML Tags and Attributes in Faspex

Faspex supports the use of HTML tags and attributes in email notification templates and instructions for sending packages (see Configuring Email Notifications and Configuring Server Instructions). For security purposes not all HTML tags and attributes are allowed in Faspex notification. Any tag not explicitly allowed is removed from your message. Here is a list of allowed HTML tags and attributes:

Allowed HTML Tags

del, dd, h3, address, big, sub, tt, a, ul, h4, cite, dfn, h5, small, kbd, code, b, ins, img, h6, sup, pre, strong, 
blockquote, acronym, dt, br, p, div, samp, li, ol, var, em, h1, i, abbr, h2, span, hr

Allowed HTML Attributes

name, href, cite, class, title, src, xml:lang, height, datetime, alt, abbr, width, style