Updating Your License

Faspex requires you to install a valid license key before you can configure your users and begin sending or receiving packages. The following steps are applicable for both first-time installation and updating your license.
  1. Locate your Faspex license key file.
    Download the license file with the .aspera-license file extension in the authorization email sent to you by Aspera (for example, aspera.faspex.companyname.aspera-license).
    Note: If you have not received this email or need it resent, contact Technical Support for assistance.
  2. Go to Server > Configuration > License.
  3. Click Browse to upload a license file from your computer or paste the contents of your license into the box. Then click Update and validate license
  4. Update the IBM Aspera Enterprise Server license.
    When updating your Faspex license, make sure the license for your Enterprise Server is also up-to-date. For instructions on how to update your Enterprise Server license, see the "Updating the Product License" section of the IBM Aspera Enterprise Server Admin Guide.
Note: Your license controls the max number of users that can be logged in simultaneously. This does not limit the number of accounts you can create in Faspex. To verify the number of max concurrent users on your account, go to Accounts. On the right hand side of the page, Faspex shows the current number of concurrent users logged into Faspex.

Clicking on the link opens the concurrent users page that logs the maximum number of concurrent users each day.