Serving Connect from a Local Location

You may want to host your own IBM Aspera Connect installers and plugins for your applications rather than having the downloads served from Aspera's CloudFront CDN. This also enables you to make users download the Connect plug-in from a server of your choice.
  1. Download the Connect SDK zip file from the Aspera Developer Network and unzip the folder into a temporary location.
  2. Create a folder named "connect" at the following location: /opt/aspera/faspex/connect.
  3. Copy the contents of the Connect SDK to your new connect folder.
  4. Give Faspex permissions and ownership of the new Connect directory.
    # chown -R faspex:faspex /opt/aspera/faspex/connect
    # chmod -R 755 /opt/aspera/faspex/connect
  5. Edit the connectinstaller-4.js file found at the following location: /opt/aspera/faspex/connect/v4/connectinstaller-4.js
    Change the default SDK location to connectOptions.sdkLocation.
    var updatesURL = connectOptions.sdkLocation;
  6. Edit the Faspex Apache configuration file to add the proper URL redirect for the connect folder. You can find the configuration file at: /opt/aspera/faspex/config/faspex.apache.linux.conf.
    Add the following section to the end of the file.
    Alias /connect "/opt/aspera/faspex/connect" 
    <Directory "/opt/aspera/faspex/connect"> 
       Options -Indexes -FollowSymLinks 
       AllowOverride none 
       Order allow,deny 
       Allow from all 
  7. Change the location from which customers will download IBM Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in.
    Edit the connect_auto_install.js file found at the following location: /opt/aspera/faspex/public/javascripts/connect_auto_install.js. Find the following lines:
    var AW2_URL = '//';  
    var AW4_URL = '//';
    Replace with the Faspex server domain in your environment.
    For example:
    var AW2_URL = '//''/connect';
    var AW4_URL = '//''/connect/v4';
    Find the following line:
    loadJS(AW4_URL + '/connectinstaller-4.min.js', function()
    Replace it with the line below:
    loadJS(AW4_URL + '/connectinstaller-4.js', function() {
  8. Restart the Faspex Apache service.
    # asctl apache:restart
Your Faspex server is now hosting Connect plugins and installers.
Note: If you choose to locally serve connect, you must manually update your Connect plug-in version to support the latest Faspex features. Different versions of Faspex require a different minimum version of the Connect plug-in. You can check the minimum Connect plug-in version of your Faspex by going to Server > Transfer Options and looking under Aspera Connect Version.