Package Recipient Expansion by Email Address

For recipient fields, Faspex automatically converts an entered email address to any existing Faspex users with the email address. If there are multiple users with the entered email address, the address expands to all matching users. If a user exists whose username is the entered email address, the email address is not expanded and the package or notification is sent to that user only.

Package Recipient Expansion with External users

If there are existing users with the email address, but no external users, adding (external) to the email address to explicitly send to an external user results in an error; Faspex cannot create a new external user with the email address if a user with the same email address already exists. If no existing Faspex users share the email address and the user is allowed to send to external email addresses, Faspex creates a new external user with the email address. For more information on sending to external users, see Allowing Users to Send to External Email Addresses.