Creating Users with Rake Tasks

The following rake tasks allow you to create, update, and delete individual, local users.

Command Description
asctl faspex:rake users:create -- -n username 
-f firstname -l lastname -e email -p password
Create the user with the specified user name, first name, last name, and email address. Setting a password is optional.
asctl faspex:rake users:update -- -n username 
[optional arguments]
Update the user with the specified username and any additional arguments.
asctl faspex:rake users:delete -- -n username
Delete the user with the specified username.
For more details on the options, see the table below.

Rake Task Options

Options (Short Form) Options (Long Form) Description
-n username --name username User's Faspex username used to log into this account.
-p password --password password User's password (optional).
-f first_name --first_name first_name User's first name (required for users:create).
-l last_name --last_name last_name User's last name (required for users:create).
-e email_address --email email_address User's email address (required for users:create).
-h --help Print out help information for this rake task.