Customizing SAML Error Messages

You can customize SAML error messages by modifying them in the en.yml error configuration file.

Open the en.yml error configuration file in a text editor. You can find the en.yml file at: /opt/aspera/faspex/config/locales/en.yml

      login: Log In
      login_using_saml_idp: Log in using SAML IdP
      message: You have been logged out of Faspex; you might still need to log out of your corporate single-sign-on account.
      log_in_again: Log in again
      saml_not_authorized: You are not authorized to use Faspex
      invalid_saml_response: Invalid response from SAML Identity Provider.
      saml_login_failed: Login Failed.
      saml_exception: SAML response Error. Please check the logs.