Creating SAML Groups

SAML groups manage permissions for all SAML users that are members of the group. You must have at least one enabled SAML configuration to access the SAML Groups page. For more information about SAML configurations, see Creating a SAML Configuration in Faspex.

SAML groups are created in Faspex one of two ways:

The following instructions describe how to manually create a SAML group in Faspex. These instructions require that Faspex have at least one enabled SAML configuration.

  1. Go to Accounts > SAML Groups and click New Group.
  2. Enter the group name. This is the distinguished name (DN).
  3. From the SAML Configuration drop-down menu, select the SAML configuration this group is associated with.
  4. Click Edit Additional Permissions to configure parameters such account permissions and package deletion parameters. For more information about additional permissions, see SAML Group Permissions.
  5. Click Create.
On the SAML Groups page, you can to activate, deactivate, or remove existing groups from the Actions drop-down menu. The Sync option is not available for SAML groups.
Note: If a user belongs to only one group and that group is deactivated, the user cannot login anymore. If a user belongs to multiple groups and at least one of these groups is active, the user can log in.