Common Errors in Faspex

Errors Displayed in the IBM Aspera Connect Browser Plug-In

When uploading a file to Faspex, Faspex launches the Connect Browser Plug-In to perform the transfer from your machine to the server. If the upload fails, the Connect Browser Plug-In displays an error. See below for common error messages.
Error Code Error Message Issue Solution
Code 44 Error: Failed to open TCP connection for SSH Faspex uses port 33001 to connect to the node. If the node is running a Linux operating system, port 33001 may not be open. If your node is a Linux machine, open the sshd_config file (/etc/ssh/sshd_config) in text editor and add the lline Port 33001 to the configuration file to enable access to port 33001.

Restart the service:

# service sshd restart
Code 19 Error: Authentication failed Faspex uses the Connect Browser Plug-in key to authenticate an SSH connection with the Connect Browser Plug-in. An authentication failure may mean a missing key. Copy the contents of the key (/opt/aspera/var/ into the authorized_keys file (/home/faspex/.ssh/authorized_keys). For more information, see Configuring a Remote Transfer Node for Faspex.

Package Creation Error on the New Package Page

When trying to create a new package (New Package or New Package > Normal Package), Faspex displays the Package creation failed error message.

Faspex may display this error message if HTTP Fallback is configured incorrectly. The fallback settings for the transfer server product (IBM Aspera Enterprise Server or IBM Aspera Connect Server) must match the Faspex fallback settings. For more information, see Configuring HTTP and HTTPS Fallback.