Log Files

Log File Locations

You can find log files for Faspex and its associated components in the following directories:

Note: The Faspex logs also include logging for the stats collector service. If you are encountering issues with updating transfer statuses in Faspex (for example, though a transfer has finished, Faspex still considers it to be uploading) the issue may be related to stats collector.

Faspex Apache Logs

The Faspex Apache log folder contains the following files:

Apache's log files are not automatically deleted. If you would like to remove old logs, it is recommended that you create a cron job to do so.
For example, to remove Apache log files that are 30 days or older, run the following command:
# find /opt/aspera/common/apache/logs -mtime +30 -exec rm {} \;

You can use the following commands to configure the Faspex Apache's log settings:

Setting Command
Specify Apache log level (error level)
$ asctl apache:log_level error
Enable Apache log (set to notice)
$ asctl apache:enable_logs
Disable Apache log (set to emerg level)
$ asctl apache:disable_logs
Transfer logs are recorded into the system log file in the following location:
Platform Path
RedHat /var/log/messages
Debian /var/log/syslog
Important: Older log files are saved as the same file name, with an incremental number attached (for example, ascmd.0.log).