Workgroups and Dropboxes


Workgroups and dropboxes are features of IBM Aspera Faspex that allow you to configure how a collection of users sends or receives packages. Workgroups are geared for tasks involving a subset of Faspex users who may need to collaborate with, send packages to, or access packages shared among the workgroup. Dropboxes are useful for receiving files from a variety of sources, especially when the situation requires users to submit, but not view, files in a dropbox. Both workgroups and dropboxes are created and configured in the Workgroups tab of the main navigation menu.


Workgroups define a group of users that can be sent packages as a collective whole. The Faspex admin determines who has permission to send packages to a workgroup. A user can send a package to a workgroup by creating a new package and entering the workgroup name as the recipient. Members can then view packages sent to the workgroup in the Workgroups tab. Admins can also determine whether members can see other workgroup members and send them packages individually. For more information on workgroups, see Working with Workgroups.


Dropboxes provide a file submission system to which users can submit packages. Users don’t necessarily have to be a member or even a Faspex user to submit to a dropbox. Admins can invite external users (people who don’t have a Faspex account) to submit to a dropbox through a private URL to the dropbox submission page that is emailed to them when they are invited. Admins can also allow submission via a public URL where anyone who accesses it can obtain their own private link to the dropbox submission page at any time. A Faspex user can submit and view packages to any dropbox they are a part of by selecting the dropbox from the New Package drop-down. For more information on dropboxes, see Working with Dropboxes.