Creating a Custom CSS File

  1. Create a file at the following location: /opt/aspera/faspex/public/stylesheets/custom/customize.css
  2. Edit this new customize.css file instead of the default faspex.css and boostrap.css files. Those files are located at:
    • faspex.css: opt/aspera/faspex/public/stylesheets/faspex.css
    • bootstrap.css: opt/aspera/faspex/public/stylesheets/third-party/bootstrap/bootstrap.css
    You do not need to copy the entire contents of faspex.css and bootstrap.css into customize.css. You only need to add the changed values and their surrounding functions. The values in customize.css take precedence over the defaults. For details on the custom css file, see Customize Faspex with the Custom CSS File.
  3. Update references to images in the customize.css file.
    When the faspex.css file references images, it references ../images/ to find the images. Since the customize.css file is in a different filepath than faspex.css, you must specify ../../images/ instead when referencing images in the customize.css file.