Changing the Package Directory

The package directory is the directory where IBM Aspera Faspex stores packages uploaded to the Faspex server. When a user requests to download a package, Faspex searches this directory for that package. The package directory is created and specified during the installation process. By default, it is located at: /home/faspex/faspex_packages

You can change the package directory, but you must do so on the Faspex server. Changing the package directory within the application UI does not move the packages or create the directory.

  1. On the Faspex server, view the current package directory by running the following command:
    # asctl faspex:package_dir
  2. Create the new directory on the server. You can now move packages into it or wait until after you have set the directory as Faspex's package directory.
  3. To set the Faspex's package directory, run the following command and specify the path to the new directory:
    # asctl faspex:package_dir /new_directory


If you are storing Faspex packages in a network directory, ensure that the directory is configured as follows:

  • The network share is accessible to the OS system account that Faspex server is running under, with permissions to read/write/delete/traverse directories, and create new files and folders.
  • The share will be auto-mounted on boot.