Restarting Faspex and Faspex Services

Restarting IBM Aspera Faspex

To restart Faspex, execute the following command in a Terminal:

$ asctl faspex:restart

Restarting Aspera Services

If configuration changes you have made are not taking effect, or Faspex is otherwise not working as expected, the problem may stem from Aspera services not having been started or restarted. Examples:

  • If you did not choose to start services such as Aspera Node Service (also known as Aspera NodeD) when prompted to do so during the Faspex setup process, you may need to start them manually.
  • Changes to aspera.conf may require you to restart Aspera Central (asperacentral) or Aspera NodeD (asperanoded). For example, any changes to the <central_server> section of aspera.conf (such as enabling <persistent_store>) require you to restart Aspera Central.
  • If, on the login page for Faspex, you see a notice about transfer server errors such as the following, your license for Aspera Enterprise Serverâ„¢ may never have been installed or may have been updated after running setup for Faspex:

To check whether the Aspera node service or Aspera Central is running, you can use the ps command and grep for aspera, then look for asperanoded or asperacentral; for example:
# ps -e | grep aspera
To restart asperanoded or asperacentral:
# service asperacentral restart
# service asperanoded restart